Prepositions after "devastating"

"devastating to" or "devastating for"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 40% of cases devastating to is used

It was totally devastating to me.

It's something devastating to me,.

But it is truly devastating to me.

The effect of isolating someone at this age can be devastating to the individual.

The situation in Europe has the potential to be devastating to the global economy.

Matter-of-fact constructive criticism to one person may be devastating to another.

On the other hand, they really do lay out a lot of shots and are absolutely devastating to footslogging armies.

It is utterly devastating to the one-in-four girls who is sexually abused before she reaches her 18th birthday.

So her sudden passing and the way she has passed make it even more devastating to the membership of the church.

The effect of this tsunami is so devastating to the extent that the deputy minister for youth and sports -- Dr.

In 38% of cases devastating for is used

It was devastating for all of us.

That must be devastating for you.

It is devastating for the family.

This, the association has emphasized is devastating for an industry that lost 9.

I feel kind of comforted knowing that it doesn't have to be devastating for them.

If these are the only copies, such destruction can be devastating for a business.

This weekend's episode is more devastating for The Doctor, at certain points he becomes useless and emotional.

The people that IFAD works with, the poor smallholder farmers, this is just devastating for their livelihoods.

If you make a game you thin k's amazing and it doesn't go anywhere, it's going to be quite devastating for you.

Exposure of Obama's past would be devastating for their candidate and whatever is left of their own reputations.

In 8% of cases devastating in is used

War is devastating in anyone's language.

His prescription is devastating in its simplicity.

It is now heavy and devastating in many instances.

It was totally unexpected, random in its effects and devastating in its consequences.

While no part of the state is spared, the situation is more devastating in some areas.

Spectral Duke Dragon's second skill is perhaps one of the most devastating in the game.

The Buncrana outbreak has been one of the most devastating in any single hospital or home to occur in the State.

They can fire their weapons at over five times the speed of sound and would be devastating in a naval engagement.

This paper, although written in typically anodyne economese, is devastating in the range and nature of its criticisms.

Excellent point about how due to the lower level of wealth, a real estate crash will likely be more devastating in China.

In 3% of cases devastating of is used

But it was not the most devastating of the mass extinctions.

James brings to vivid life one of the most devastating of American tragedies.

The employment of humor can be the most devastating of all weapons in an argument.

But the 1258 explosion appears to be the most devastating of all in its toll of life.

The most destructive and devastating of these was the earthquake of February 22, 2011.

The most devastating of these was on February 22, 2011, in which 185 people were killed.

The most devastating of the downward conversions in Tobacco Road occurs in the final scene.

Most devastating of all to its survival was the introduction of predators such as rats, cats and stoats.

But most devastating of all was the news that Kim Kardashian's marriage was in disarray after just 72 days.

Then as now, for a master mariner the loss of his or her ship is the most profoundly devastating of experiences.

In 3% of cases devastating on is used

He was pretty devastating on his own then.

It's just devastating on top of devastating.

Dogs running wild can be devastating on kiwi.

It's got to be doubly devastating on the ground.

He's one batsman who could be absolutely devastating on his day.

Still, it's devastating on so many levels, for both her and the family.

The 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami could rank as the most devastating on record.

If a challenge is successful the impact can be devastating on the family wealth.

Marlon Samuels, bowling his fastish off-breaks and skiddy Ravi Rampaul can be devastating on their day.

That or she has something so hugely devastating on him that she's somehow blackmailed him into marriage.

In 1% of cases devastating after is used

TLJ's ending remains devastating after all these years.

We don't get to see Tae Joon explain, just its devastating after effects.

But it's devastating after the effort that everyone put in and it's something I'd going to regret for a very long time.

But it is only when we let the little stuff go that we discover that the big stuff is not really so devastating after all.

Thats why the NPF should be made to step up their game and not talking about wiping out all aluu people which may have a devastating after effect.

In 1% of cases devastating against is used

Devastating against his unarmed M.

An active Griselbrand is always devastating against a control deck after 1 or 2 activation, since control decks now a days lacking of draw power.

In this state, the two-headed beast's attacks are more devastating against its marked foe until all its aggressors are killed or the combat ends.

In 1% of cases devastating as is used

It's devastating as an artist, but I will never regret standing up for what was right.

We've had several since -- 1958, 1968 and in 2009 -- but none of them have been so devastating as the 1918.

Shermer is far more polite and less wound up than Dawkins, and his critique is more devastating as a result.

Hair loss in ladies may be devastating as a result, it is very important have a well-well-balanced diet plan.

As Wasik says, the reach of viral messaging is unknown and its impact can be as sudden and devastating as a flash flood.

So where is the sense in have two out and out attacking left arm quicks that can be devastating as well as leak runs majorly.

The ripple effects on families and communities were as pervasive and devastating as the repercussions of alcoholism on society.

To most right-thinking human beings, no other form of child abuse is as revolting and devastating as the sexual molestation of children.

Situations of this type are not common, but when they do occur, the results may be devastating as the convective system's high winds are followed by the ravages of flooding.

In 1% of cases devastating at is used

Chelsea is devastating at counter attacking, we are clueless.

All this would be irritating to lose at the very least, and devastating at the worst.

It's inconvenient and painful and devastating at times, but we can't live without it.

With Jonjo out, Stevie G must be given the role he is devastating at, attacking midfield.

Although devastating at the time, looking back it was easier to deal with than the other two.

Their impatience with seemingly indefensible ideas can make them particularly devastating at debate.

This pathetic-ness exuding from NZLP is utterly devastating at a time when many would have been thinking things couldn't get any worse.

Imagine being just 17 and losing your mother, and worst of all to murder, regardless of who did it, that must be the most devastating at that age, or even any age.

I promise u will feel better soon, having a relationship end is devastating at the time but u will overcome it let the tears come don't fight them, they are the bodies way of cleansing itself.

In 1% of cases devastating with is used

They are a little lackluster used solo, but devastating with a scout.

Pau is a threat as a pick and pop option but Dwight is devastating with the pick and roll.

Simply devastating with ball in hand, he'll also be tasked with stopping the big men off set-pieces.

We do have immediate problems, but the longer-term problems will be far more devastating with DC's present track.

Elias Lali Wawa told the paper that the rains have proved devastating with the cost to the communities still to be fully realized.

But their attack was far from devastating with Cooper Cronk having an off-night with his hands and Billy Slater kept well in check.

The effects on sufferers and their families can be devastating with even minor wounds causing pain, distress, and unnecessary suffering.

All of these activities result in decrease in fluids in our bodies but their effects can be devastating with regarding to causing dehydration on a warm day.

The Harvard study focused on nine African countries where the AIDS epidemic has been most devastating with more than 12 percent of adults being HIV-positive.

As a journalist of war he has no peer except for Orwell, and he could be funny, and also so devastating with the world he left you in after you'd turned the last page.

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