Prepositions after "demanding"

demanding of, in, for, on or about?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 47% of cases demanding of is used

He is really demanding of your time.

We were very demanding of our students.

He is extremely demanding of your time.

All they do is cause trouble anyway, with their demanding of equal rights and whatnot.

With high demanding of 3D contents throughout the world, 3D Plan made a contract with.

The most demanding of riders will simply regret a somewhat hard feeling on the levers.

Obviously those movies would be more demanding of her time, where this one probably didn't take too long to film.

A coach has this very responsibility, and the best of them often are regarded as very demanding of their players.

The down side of these types of assessment is that they are very demanding of staff time and therefore expensive.

Too demanding of your time I have an unwritten rule that I don't entertain calls after a certain hour of the day.

In 15% of cases demanding in is used

College is more demanding in terms of work load.

And they'll be very demanding in their turn, and are.

It is the most demanding in degree in the world for now.

At any rate, I think you're being way too demanding in your definition of contract.

If WiFi not present then you can use 3G also which is very demanding in all countries.

The Courts have been quite demanding in terms of proof of loss and evidence of causation.

Being shy, she can be very demanding in early relationships, but once she's grown, she chooses lovers with clarity.

Placement of implants is more demanding in upper jaw as it is the upper teeth which are more visible during smiling.

Where average presence drops down into the 80 -- 90 per cent range, the daily chore is very demanding in terms of time.

It is very demanding in summer heat, but you can always take a break at the guard towers and enjoy the cool mountain breezes.

In 12% of cases demanding for is used

It's very demanding for the body.

Waxman-Markey was too demanding for the Senate.

This situation is much more demanding for training.

Spend time just being with your children in a way that's not too demanding for you.

Perhaps the presence of the Lord in the midst of His people was too demanding for them.

That is why a racquet sounds to be stronger is actually more demanding for your strength.

This makes The Brothers Karamazov Dostoevsky's longest serialized novel (and thus his most demanding for his readers).

As the number of meditators grew, it became too demanding for the Say? daw to give the long initiation talk to all of them.

The race is held in the hottest part of summer, which makes concentrating on the track for 2 hours rather demanding for the drivers.

The females of these particular types can be a bit sweeter and more affectionate, but also are somewhat more demanding for attention.

In 11% of cases demanding on is used

Were being very demanding on that.

The game is also quite demanding on console hardware.

The two roles are very demanding on the actors involved.

However, you would not want to do this all the time cuz it is too demanding on the arm.

Stock Android typically runs smoother and is less demanding on battery life during general operation.

Actually I like climbing than descending because climbing is less demanding on the body in the long term.

Fat loss is very demanding on the body, because it is a 24 hours per day occupation, not just the hours you are awake.

This may prove quite demanding on the user, but has the flavour of the kind of search done by a version-space algorithm.

Luckily though this was a track that you wouldn't want to do too many runs down because it was very demanding on the body.

In 3% of cases demanding about is used

They are very demanding about precision in your movements.

It means people are more demanding about what they get for their money.

She would be quite demanding about timekeeping and would want me back to her as soon as possible.

The solution? Lower your expectations and stop being so demanding about what you will experience or be rewarded with in your recovery.

The idea is simply that you need to take positive action, enjoy the process of recovery as it unfolds, and do not be too demanding about what results you are getting.

One trend I see now among photo enthusiasts and hobbyists is for people to be very demanding about the equipment they use but not at all demanding about what they do with it.

The personal touch appears to be essential for moving buyers to action for this product because at these high end retailers are very demanding about the product quality being stocked in their stores.

In 3% of cases demanding at is used

He can be quite demanding at times.

But our routines are very demanding at times and some people may need a little extra help.

They said non-Singaporeans were thought to be less demanding at work and better skilled in their area of work than Singaporeans.

Amongst the reasons cited, non-Singaporeans were thought to be less demanding at work and better skilled in their area of work compared to Singaporeans.

Respect and obey parents and my Mother-in-law (although she can be very demanding at times!) -I want to be an excellent role model for 8 yrs old son and 5 yrs old daughter.

Dravid, for whom the 112-run knock on the third day of the match yesterday was his 32nd Test century, confessed he found the effort physically very demanding at the Sabina Park.

In 3% of cases demanding with is used

The CanAm International proved to be pretty demanding with 5 races over 4 days for me.

Children are more demanding with the mother because the mother fulfills their demands faster.

Because of their aim, sometimes they are too demanding with themselves and others too frequently.

He was very demanding with himself and also with others: he gave the maximum and asked it of others.

It's such a fantastic race, very demanding with lots of corners and opportunities to make both gains and losses.

Meaning that it was selfishness om his part, he got very demanding with Terry telling her she had to take him back.

You can expect that fast-tracked programs are quite demanding with the curriculum designed to complete a course in a shorter amount of time.

With Mars entering your zone of finances around the 7 th of October be careful not to fight about money or be too demanding with the ones you love.

In 1% of cases demanding as is used

I've been playing in all three formats and it's very demanding as an allrounder to cope with that pressure and workload.

For many people, commencing a weight loss routine can be very demanding as a result of just how much energy is called for.

From what I've heard, however, the MFE gets theoretical and very demanding as the semester progresses -- I'd certainly looking forward to the challenge.

I will be the first to say that I'd not necessarily the easiest person to work with because I'd painfully stubborn, annoyingly particular and very demanding as a band member.

In 1% of cases demanding during is used

Managing your diabetes can be quite demanding during pregnancy while there is so much else going on.

This is often more apparent in business, as startups can be slow to get going and are often quite demanding during the initial start up phase.

In 1% of cases demanding from is used

This type of architecture also provides the most flexibility and scalability for servicing authentication requests while being less demanding from an administrative perspective.

In 1% of cases demanding off is used

The 17th plays to 415 Yards off the White Tee, reinforcing my suspicion that Portlethen would be pretty demanding off the back tees.

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