Prepositions after "conditional"

"conditional on" or "conditional upon"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 64% of cases conditional on is used

But it can not be conditional on fantasy.

Settlement was conditional on a gagging clause.

Entry is conditional on providing this information.

But my love for folk is NOT conditional on whether they are related to me or not.

Their is no stipulation that the 30c is conditional on meeting any payment terms.

He apparently still believed that his sobriety was conditional on having the right woman, and now she was gone.

This payment to sky is conditional on it enforcing that users are plugged in and ready to click the red button.

Bailouts from the ESM are supposed to be conditional on a country having ratified the fiscal discipline treaty.

The occupants have even been granted Tanzanian citizenship, but this is conditional on them moving off the land.

In 28% of cases conditional upon is used

Funding is conditional upon access approval.

This is not conditional upon their behaviour.

NOTE: Funding is conditional upon ethics approval.

The second phase of the programme is conditional upon ASML shareholder approval.

Eventual improvements are conditional upon the parallel distribution of loading.

I was employed, but conditional upon raising all the money from external sources.

This however is conditional upon the state of society being conducive to scientific and technological discovery.

Each year, they must renew their status as a green establishment, which is conditional upon specific guidelines.

However, any offer of employment we make to you will be conditional upon you gaining permission to work in the UK.

An offer to a successful candidate would be conditional upon him/her passing the PCLL examination on first attempt.

In 4% of cases conditional to is used

Oh and the fact that his support and love is conditional to $ too.

Again, it is the right of the husband and is conditional to his approval.

Any money spent on the plaza should be conditional to installing a front door.

Packages and prices are conditional to a 12 month contract pending credit approval.

This shows that the punishment is neither conditional to burial nor does it happen in the earthly grave.

I think you misread my offer though: it is still conditional to me finding another ticket which I expect to be able to.

Earlier, the Taliban's consideration of any talks was conditional to withdrawal of all foreign troops from Afghanistan.

Their leadership was not just conditional to their ability to speak but also to understand and listen to what others had to say.

They differ as to whether its wujub is conditional to the presence of the ruler or his deputy in it or if it is wajib unconditionally.

These proposals are also conditional to the Government of India cooperating directly with the Government of Sri Lanka in their implementation.

In 1% of cases conditional for is used

No fast (Roza) is conditional for MUSTAHAB or NAFL I'tikaaf.

In short, harmony and compatibility are conditional for bay'at.

Sure they won't say it, but they will say (most of them at least) that it is conditional for the mujtahid that you do taqlid to that he be the alam.

However, reconciliation is a diffuse concept in transitional justice; when linked to amnesty or made conditional for receiving reparations, it can reinforce impunity.

He was also given an order for 40,000 acres (16,187 ha) for growing tobacco but fortunately this was conditional for, as Governor (Sir) Ralph Darling reported, Blaxland had obtained it by deception.

In 1% of cases conditional in is used

Our oppression seems to be conditional in this way.

It seems to me that forgiveness is not conditional in that way.

My view of being loved and accepted was very conditional in that sense.

In regards to withholding absolution, with that post I didn't get into too much specifics on how absolution is conditional in that case.

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