Prepositions after "concerned"

"concerned about" or "concerned with"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 51% of cases concerned about is used

And I am concerned about them.

So concerned about creating U.

I am also concerned about this.

That's why I am concerned about the full marathon, I want to have a GOOD finish.

Concerned about the Patriot Act? We can ensure no data crosses American borders.

At first, we were a little concerned about the location and size of the kitchen.

I was a bit concerned about riding in the elevator, but who wants to walk up and down eight flights of stairs.

Not Concerned About Death December 23, 2011 I noticed how the recipe and the pictures of the pan didn't match.

Very Concerned About Retarded Development Wannabe straight male escorts exist, VCARD, as STUD's letter proves.

Only two per cent of those interviewed said they were not concerned about the provision of care in later life.

In 36% of cases concerned with is used

Wilson was first concerned with the dog.

This essay is concerned with the latter.

Co's are only concerned with the bottom line.

I was always a bit concerned with Sony because of their past dealings with noise.

Concerned with good as it is, Islam gives this tremendous social force a purpose.

Concerned with the site's susceptibility to liquefaction and proximity to faults.

What of the other pleasures concerned with the service of the body? I think the true philosopher despises them.

Magical realism, as the name implies, is concerned with the manifestation of the supernatural in everyday life.

The Foucauldian version is concerned with the construction of subjects within various forms of knowledge/power.

Most simply put, motivational theorists are concerned with the question of why, rather than how, students learn.

In 3% of cases concerned for is used

Concerned for you.

I am concerned for you.

He was concerned for me.

Her interviews with Spence portray a chief concerned for the welfare of her tribe.

Our person orientation leads us to be concerned for people, and yet unfair to some.

Since we had our problem we had to slow down, we were quite concerned for a moment.

He is concerned for the welfare of every member of the community and he prays for every member of the community.

We've again today warned that UNCLEAR 2:19, we are concerned for the summer, we had a few shifts for the summer.

But the public should be more concerned for the implications of mark-to-market accounting when the market is up.

Greg: 15 Nov 2012 10:30:44am This is wonderful: open, honest, brave and genuinely concerned for human suffering.

In 2% of cases concerned at is used

I was a bit concerned at that stage.

I remember not feeling concerned at the time.

Most are concerned at the quality of that science.

Things sound pretty unstable for you were All Emotions are concerned at the moment.

Of course we are deeply concerned at the recent violence in Rakhine state in Burma.

It is perfectly natural for parents to be concerned at the start of the school year.

Even closer relations with the United States left King concerned at the risk of falling into a new imperial orbit.

He is right to be concerned at the idea that 47% of Americans pay no federal income tax, but for different reasons.

It makes their allegations harder to prove as juries are concerned at the possibility of convicting an innocent man.

In 2% of cases concerned by is used

I'd still concerned by the price.

I am concerned by my lack of Anti-Air.

I'd getting even more concerned by Cr.

Microsoft To Develop More Hardware Other PC makers were less concerned by the move.

I was concerned by the walls, and the lack of meaningful communication within them.

I am very concerned by your plans to have a political portal availiable to schools.

Concerned by their speed (or lack thereof) and thinking that one of them may have been injured, Paul Elson of St.

Computer science lecturer Sue Black, who heads the BCS Women Group, said she was concerned by the survey results.

Concerned by the lack of affordable Canadian e-retailers, these ladies launched Nowhereland online this past July.

Some were concerned by the seeming lack of political awareness in their church and especially among their pastors.

In 2% of cases concerned in is used

So far as the rich were concerned in c.

Women are more concerned in this regard.

Well done to all concerned in the event.

Those provisions are concerned in a real and direct way with eliciting information.

They are also not concerned in any short-term fluctuations in the values of a stock.

I spoke with Lhawang briefly about this and he says he's not concerned in the least.

I am not concerned in the least whether a bunch of pseudo intelllectuals agree or disagree about Cornish origins.

And the reason is because nobody else is concerned in it, nor can receive any prejudice from his conduct therein.

I am not concerned in this Tribute with speculating on the implications of default and the breakdown of the euro.

In 1% of cases concerned as is used

But I'd also concerned as a parent.

Whilst you should be very concerned as a Parent.

Sigiriya is concerned as the eighth wonder of the world.

I am indeed concerned as to who will help take care of her should I be gone someday.

Now I am concerned as to what the repercussions could be if Obama loses this election.

In short I am concerned as to where the next generation of fans is going to come from.

After Warren's first collapse, he seemed chiefly concerned as to whether the story would ever leak back to America.

They are more concerned as to how well dressed their children are rather than the wonderful gift they are receiving.

Students are justifiably concerned as to how to raise the necessary funds for paying for such a university education.

In 1% of cases concerned of is used

That's what I more concerned of.

I am not concerned of Iran having nukes.

They may be concerned of normalizing suicide.

What I am really concerned of is how to maintain a fair, clean and unblemished skin.

We are concerned of the health since the last time we spoke he wasn't doing so well.

By working day he connected with no one particular, by night he was concerned of nobody.

You can show your own smooth, flawless skin confidently and not be concerned of the hair developing back rapidly.

We could not use heavy weapons and had to control our firing because we were concerned of the safety of civilians.

In my opinion it is rather psychological and even more metaphysical rather any immediate concerned of biochemical.

The committee will call secretaries and other top officials concerned of the telecom and other relevant ministries.

In 1% of cases concerned over is used

As do men who are concerned over women's issues.

Many are also concerned over inflation and crime.

Minister concerned over maths performanceIndependen.

This woman, when visited Australia raised concerned over aborigines of Australia.

Horses that are tight in the neck can be spooky and concerned over bright objects.

The Brazilian government is also concerned over the future direction of oil prices.

This was not because Canada was a nation of self-sufficient farmers who were little concerned over such issues.

We Muslims, as an ummah, should not be overly concerned over the recent utube misrepresentation of our Prophet.

Journalists always seem very concerned over issues such as loss of national sovereignty of one kind or another.

He posted a video about some guy talking about how people should not be so concerned over how their body looks.

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