Prepositions after "comprehensible"

comprehensible to, in, by, for or as?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 61% of cases comprehensible to is used

I enjoy making science comprehensible to the general reader.

The project doesn't have to be comprehensible to the producer.

The aim: to make the talks comprehensible to ordinary mortals.

Even the oracles about the future appear quite comprehensible to the prophets.

As a general rule, definitions should be comprehensible to the general reader.

Humans have different, contradictory moralities just as they have different, mutually incomprehensible tongues.

Cessation means calmness and extinction, or Nirvana: It is inviting, attractive and comprehensible to the wise.

Does that mean that speeches and written content should strive to be comprehensible to ninth graders? That depends.

In 8% of cases comprehensible in is used

Much less does it know that the universe is comprehensible in this or that way.

It makes the name understandable and comprehensible in the particular market niche.

The resulting pictures will be as comprehensible in Beijing as in Vancouver, in Delhi as in Quito.

It is physically comprehensible in the sense that explanations for phenomena exist to be discovered.

The ruling of the trial judge was perfectly comprehensible in the light of these and other decisions.

But is this not what the Qur? an describes in terms which have only become comprehensible in modern times.

Indeed Shakespeare was very comprehensible in his descriptions of various psychological and psychiatric symptoms.

This demand is comprehensible in the light of the deadline of 31 December 1992 set for creating the internal market.

The world owes a great debt to Newton for showing that the natural world is comprehensible in terms of natural laws.

This is a mistake, of course -- complicated systems have many elements but are nonetheless comprehensible in everyday terms.

In 7% of cases comprehensible by is used

There is in nature a subordination of genera and species comprehensible by us.

They think that nothing can be which is not comprehensible by their little minds.

But this is a process of action and it can not be rendered comprehensible by just words.

One can perhaps make the physical consequences of overlap more comprehensible by means of an image.

When conjoined with the the poet's message, they are made palatable and comprehensible by the masses.

On the other hand it seems that Buddha was of the view that it was not comprehensible by human minds.

And if these things are not comprehensible by the outward senses, what of that? For the soul is also invisible.

Its wording and its terminology should be totally comprehensible by them, and there also shouldn't be too much of it.

A lot could be done to make NOTAMs more comprehensible by using plain English and less code -- especially for common terms.

Stories make the breaches of expectation comprehensible by relating the events to time and place and usually the intentions of the actors.

In 7% of cases comprehensible for is used

Nirvana is not comprehensible for those who have not attained it.

For example, written Scottish Gaelic is quite comprehensible for an Irish speaker.

Things near at hand are very often less comprehensible for the child than things far away.

However, it is not clear that such guidelines would be equally comprehensible for experts and for novices.

In conveying this scientific truth, the Quran has used an expression that is comprehensible for the men of all ages.

Your vision will also clarify to you how to reach those goals that you've defined and make the journey more comprehensible for you.

Sad not to have the feelings, experience, sense of value and meaning etc that make life worthwhile and comprehensible for your fellow humans.

If we are to impose a, say, computerized model in interpreting the Quranic verse, such a meaning is not comprehensible for someone who lived some ages ago.

The texts are not edited or adapted but carefully chosen in order to be comprehensible for students in the Arts program who follow numerous subjects for their degree.

In 3% of cases comprehensible as is used

Like its predecessor, it is only comprehensible as a merchandising opportunity.

Sometimes the directions to be given will be so simple and readily comprehensible as to require no more than mere statement.

The dilation of the pupils and the bristling hairs are easily comprehensible as a sympathetic effect; but the same can not be made to hold good for the alteration in psychological behavior.

In 3% of cases comprehensible without is used

Shi'ite theology (kalam) would be incomprehensible without a knowledge of these sayings.

If a movie isn't comprehensible without extensive knowledge of the comics it's based on.

The writings of Kate O'Brien, Sen O Faolin, and many more are not wholly comprehensible without an appreciation of it.

Avoid specific atom numbers in the Abstract, which should be comprehensible without reference to the rest of the paper.

In 2% of cases comprehensible from is used

You can not deduce something comprehensible from something incomprehensible.

It is a phenomenon that is comprehensible from a sociological point of view, in the light of technique.

If function is only comprehensible from structure, the main lines of a structure are not to be discerned without some idea of its function.

The idea that this massive expenditure is the only thing that keeps the United States from being a moral pariah is only comprehensible from someone as anti-American as Barack Obama.

In 2% of cases comprehensible with is used

It will even be far more difficult to make it comprehensible with particular reference to the actual application and practice of meditation.

A human conversation at 35dB is comprehensible with a background noise of a jet taking off at 500m away (about 85 dB ), or a jack-hammer nearby at 100m at 75dB.

In 1% of cases comprehensible at is used

That is why, for all their superficial differences of language and custom, foreign cultures are still immediately comprehensible at the deeper level of motives, emotions and social habits.

In 1% of cases comprehensible on is used

Is there an explanation (comprehensible on the pencil and paper level) why it does n't?

These will become comprehensible on the one hand through the hereby grown typical rock formations, on the other hand by the characteristic landscape morphology and agriculture.

In 1% of cases comprehensible over is used

Now and again, whiskery old cove Seth Armstrong would say something comprehensible over a pint to Amos Brearly or Henry Wilks at the Woolpack.

In 1% of cases comprehensible through is used

Lots of things do exist but are not comprehensible through our eyes.

The World Is Understandable Science presumes that the things and events in the universe occur in consistent patterns that are comprehensible through careful, systematic study.

Certain verses contain metaphors which indicate divine gnosis far beyond the common man's understanding but which, nevertheless, become comprehensible through their metaphorical form.

Thus investment is not at all painstaking as the very name suggests a mechanism in which a very complicated monetary exchange is made easy, efficient and comprehensible through particular contracts.

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