Prepositions after "common"

"common in" or "common for"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 41% of cases common in is used

Typhoid is not common in the U.

Common in newly hatched chicks.

Chess on Clapham Common in 1986.

In places where uranium is common in the soil, radon is a popular topic of discussion.

Oh the irony, but at least AVX instructions are not very common in off the shelf code.

Note that silicified wood is also common in the basal Purbecks of the Vale of Wardour.

Intussusception is a ' telescoping ' of the bowel on itself, commonest in infants between 5 and 10 months of age.

The governor also said that he believed periods of extreme weather were likely to become common in the coming years.

Dawn parades, often carried out in silence, and other memorial services held by veterans became common in the 1920s.

There is the odd palm here and there, like this Licuala palm, but overall, palms are not very common in this forest.

In 16% of cases common for is used

It is common for the southern parts of the.

There there is no common format or content.

Foreign holidays became common for the first time.

It's very common for someone with this diagnosis to be on more than one kind of drug.

It is common for the edges to curl or peel or bubble about a 1/8? away from the edge.

It is a real common for the victim to be ' turned off ' sex for the rest of her life.

In fact, it is extremely common for the penile skin to be sore for a day or two after unaccustomed sexual activity.

None of which is, strictly speaking, true, but it is common for the newly converted to be full of piss and vinegar.

These days, it's very common for the couple to pay themselves, or for both families to donate a set amount of money.

It is common for the receiver to have the right to manage the company's assets and to realise them as he thinks fit.

In 16% of cases common to is used

It is a name common to all of us.

This is the energy common to all life.

Some features common to the programmes.

Climate The climate of the region is one that is common to the three northern regions.

He then named him Muhammad - the praised one, which was not a name common to the Arabs.

Common to all organisations however, is a need to establish or embed the right culture.

She is the last surviving example of a warship type once very common to the world's navies, particularly the French.

Common to most models is the need to establish an information management system to track tips and leads in the case.

A property common to the above mentioned, and, in fact, to all testaceans, is the smoothness of their shells inside.

In 7% of cases common among is used

Gossip was common among the women.

Both were common among the Mantis.

This is common among this species.

Back pain is the problem that is now becoming very common among people of all ages.

Heart disease and related risks were more common among people who'd lived in the U.

This ritual of ceremonial healing may have been common among the Iroquoians of old.

Variant CJD (vCJD) is the most common among the types of transmissible spongiform encephalopathy found in humans.

Smoking was more common among the average group and was an independent predictor of a lower academic performance.

Only thing common among the three is pandering to assorted maulanas and posting their statements on social media.

In 4% of cases common with is used

I have a lot in common with it.

One thing is common with this movies.

Irregular periods are common with the.

Make no mistake, we have a lot in common with the Vanderbilt Commodores this season.

They are particularly common with first generation immigrants from Muslim countries.

It's something that's sadly very common with the current First Past the Post system.

Infortunately, as is common with many of these debates they can become complicated by obfuscation and nit picking.

Tender-first running was common with many Polish engines, due to the lack of turning facilities at many locations.

He self medicates himself with drugs, as is common with this illness, to stop the 20 screaming voices in his head.

The way we behave, if you look at it from a less-human-centred point-of-view, we have a lot in common with a virus.

In 3% of cases common on is used

Glycine is very common on Earth.

Common on the MR as we all know.

Its fairly common on websites e.

Seems at least more common on the Republican/Tea Party side then on the Democrat side.

Mud volcano systems are fairly common on Earth, and particularly in East Java province.

I would not use four-letter obscenities that are now so common on TV and in the movies.

This kind of activity seems all too common on this podcast at times (not to mention most libertarian comment areas).

How to content, tips, instructional videos, walkthroughs, discounts and so on are pretty common on the social sphere.

It is most common on the North Auckland peninsula and on the east coast of the North Island as far south as Hastings.

Lichens are common on the soil on roadsides and inside eucalypt forests as well as on undisturbed soil in arid lands.

In 2% of cases common at is used

It was quite common at the time.

Emails also became common at that time.

Snow and frost are common at the Rally.

Reptiles such as the large sail-backed carnivore Dimetrodon, were common at this time.

The quotations at the beginning of the article are very common at Ghanaian gatherings.

Raids on gay and lesbian bars are common at the time, but this time people fight back.

Folk theater is common at the village level and usually takes place during harvest time or at melas (village fairs).

While international studies have found shoplifting is more common at the self-checkout, Kiwis appear to be more honest.

Stolen stuffs - no violent crimes but petty thieves are common at huge public places such as train stations, festivals.

To some extent this must be the case, but it is fair to say that shows of this type were relatively common at the time.

In 2% of cases common of is used

The most common of these is the inanga.

By far the most common of which is 137.

It has become more common of late on P.

There are more than 100 Candida species, the most common of which is Candida albicans.

The most common of these boats was the Starcraft Upstart, Sweet 16 and the Force Five.

The hunter is the most common of the killer gentry, and they're keen on murder and tea.

According to CODEO, equipment malfunction was the most common of the challenges encountered during the BVR exercise.

The most common of these is sucrose, a compound made by joining one molecule of glucose to one molecule of fructose.

However, this most common of approaches does not allow for the cooling-off period that all relationships go through.

This is the most common of all the causes, leading to the problem of regular back spasm in majority of the patients.

In 1% of cases common across is used

This is common across most fields.

It is also common across many machines.

Cash crops are common across the country.

This is common across Canada and there doesn't need to be a vote-tax on top of that.

For style information common across all media types, write it as you would normally.

Same is the case for inverter-battery systems that are so common across the country.

The single element that is common across all those quotes is the clear unwavering focus on the **29;2741;TOOLONG.

It is important to note, however, that the location and activation levels did not have to be common across people.

The weather at Namco can change abruptly and snowstorms are very common across the Nyaiqen Tanglha mountain range.

But because the principles of these issues are common across all businesses, these sessions can often be outsourced.

In 1% of cases common amongst is used

Suicide is common amongst them.

This is common amongst Christians.

It is not common amongst smallholders.

Such so-called spiritual practices are common amongst people of different faiths.

I do not think they were common amongst amateur astronomers anywhere in the world.

Specialisation is common amongst barristers, especially those practising in Dublin.

Comment spamming is very common amongst internet marketers as it is an easy and effective way to get backlinks.

This is so common amongst the Evangelical Christian Teabag/GOP Goober Pundits, Lawmakers and Religious leaders.

Extremely common amongst the fashion acutely aware women the bag sports activities a very desirable leather trim.

Having an uninseminatable iron uterus is common amongst older women, as is genetic mutation (downs syndrome, etc).

In 1% of cases common as is used

Don't regard Common as anything but a peer.

This plot became less common as the series progressed.

They have a lot in common as well as a lot of differences.

However, there are basic things that were common as well as unique about our forefathers.

A variety of moulds and scents became common as a way of distinguishing different candles.

A teary eye on the affected side is common as well as a drooped eyelid on the affected side.

The crew took extreme measures to minimize revolts and suicides, which became more common as the journey progressed.

Are they that common as to refer to them as clichs? The last one about the reverse scenario to the deathbed is wrong.

Invisibility - Along with flight, one of the archetypal super powers, and common as a spell or superscience gadget too.

In 1% of cases common between is used

Common between Men &; Animal: 1.

What is common between Italy and India?

Common between Human-Beings &; Animal ii.

What is common between Tunisia, Egypt and Yemen is fairly obvious to most people.

Rainfall is more common between April - June and again between November - December.

If dark matter and dark energy can be regarded as a clue, then only gravity is common between the two space-times.

In temperate climates in the northern hemisphere activity is more common between the months of December and March.

What is common between the two is that the army has opted for violence instead of a political dialogue of any sort.

Look for anything that is common between the two of you and talk about ways to work toward that aspiration together.

In 1% of cases common during is used

Nosebleeds are common during pregnancy.

They are common during the rainy season.

Tea became more common during 18th century.

It is very common during a panic attack to feel tightness in the chest and throat.

Heavy rain, strong storms and gale-force winds are very common during this period.

What this calls for is a bail-out as was common during the global financial crisis.

Management: Thief ants are especially common during mid to late summer when they enter homes from outside nests.

However, it was far more common during The Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King expansions than it is now.

You may notice that the phenomenon of trains stopping part-way into the station is more common during rush hour.

Incidents of Pakistani soldiers surrendering without a fight to militant organizations became common during 2007.

In 1% of cases common throughout is used

Meze is common throughout the Middle East.

It's common throughout the history of science.

Despite this, it is common throughout the world.

In particular, anxiety &; depression are very common throughout the community.

On-call cover for neighbouring practices is now common throughout the country.

Further, she informed me that such a practice was common throughout the realm.

There are many varieties of chestnuts and the trees are common throughout Europe, Asia, and the United States.

Turbine obviously love mechanics with a small chance of a big payoff, it is very common throughout their game.

It was once common throughout Europe, but has been in decline since the 1800s as its habitats have disappeared.

Soil compaction brought about by the use of heavy machinery and vegetation removal is common throughout the land.

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