Prepositions after "beholden"

beholden to, for or on?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 97% of cases beholden to is used

They're not beholden to the IMF and the ECB.

But don't be beholden to the laws of physics.

Our legislators must be beholden to the people.

No, many of them are beholden to the wild-eyed politicos that helped them into office.

So, if Government spending is financed by taxes, Ministers are beholden to the people.

There is also the danger of councillors being beholden to the ones who appointed them.

Perhaps it's because French directors aren't beholden to the star system in the way that Hollywood film-makers are.

They are absolutely too beholden to the crazies within their own camp and need to reign them in or get rid of them.

If politicians are beholden to their contributors, than Ron Paul will be beholden to the common folk of this nation.

Mubarak was succeeded by military generals beholden to the former leader for their ascent through the military ranks.

In 1% of cases beholden for is used

They're close-minded ideologues with bylines -- and beholden for traffic.

According to the notice, the Legislative Assembly was ' to assemble and beholden for the dispatch of diverse urgent and important affairs '.

It seems, these were his tributaries; feeders of his exchequer; gentlemen, his good friends (as he was leased to express himself ), to whom he had occasionally been beholden for a loan.

In 1% of cases beholden on is used

It is beholden on them to now get their act together and pull their heads out of their arses.

It is beholden on you to share my opinion about the danger that is upon us and to let people know just that.

It is beholden on us then to set the record state with respect to all misconceptions about Sri Lanka and her history.

For this purpose it is beholden on them to defeat all machinations initiated by forces working against the national agenda.

By taking on such a sacred cow as the welfare state, it is beholden on him to ensure the criticisms he levels against it on behalf of classical liberalism are well-founded and always find their mark.

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