Prepositions after "baffling"

baffling to, for, in, as or of?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 60% of cases baffling to is used

His question was baffling to me.

It was all baffling to the child.

This was absolutely baffling to me.

The role of a litigation friend seems baffling to most people outside the legal world.

But what is universally baffling to parents is the type of food that really kids going.

More baffling to all the investigators was the removal of the names from the monuments.

It's baffling to me why so many seemingly intelligent people buy into this wholly ridiculous and unscientific fable.

It's simply baffling to me that such a book -- that this book -- appears on none of the major short lists this fall.

They offer the most confusing array of tariffs and plans ever conceived and are utterly baffling to most mere mortals.

In 11% of cases baffling for is used

This behaviour is baffling for readers.

WordPress alone is pretty baffling for some.

Even more baffling for me is the wasp nest secret in the same level.

Equally baffling for a person like me who attended public school is the hockey sticks.

The last instance we shall relate in detail is one of the most annoying and baffling for a good behaviorist.

But my closest friend at the time had a detestation for him that was so strong, it was baffling for my nine year old mind.

The fact that India is simultaneously a rich and a poor country is not just baffling for Indians -- it is also a puzzle for outsiders.

All the more baffling for a Japanese-market car! The Move merely laughed at what is normally the greatest bane of the Kei car - hills.

That dexterity with which he so clearly married the two might have been a bit baffling for some but having known Uncle, it was expected.

In 8% of cases baffling in is used

You're right, there's really no knowing at this point, which is baffling in itself.

The six chamber hood is designed to keep the baffling in place around your head to keep you warm.

Why it hasn't been sought with the assistance of a forensic accountant is baffling in my honest opinion.

Liberty have been start-stop this season, occasionally brilliant and sometimes baffling in their poor form.

It's baffling in a way because at the core of it, the definition is pretty simple, and doesn't imply a vector at all.

The need to make mention of short skirts and rapists was frankly, unnecessary and baffling in the context of a discussion.

My e-mail address is published everywhere, and I write about a subject that's among the most baffling in the world -- technology.

Of course there is the narrative, which I think modern readers find baffling in many aspects, but its whole much, much more than a mere story.

In 5% of cases baffling as is used

I personally find it baffling as well as fascinating.

Why are they not breaking into the senior team is baffling as a fan.

It is baffling as to what extra material they could learn from a tuition class.

It is baffling as to why your solicitor of record, if having been involved in your matter for three 3 why they have not pursued this.

I'd with you Martha! 2012 is one variant on a phenomenon I find particularly baffling as a sometime historian, kind of a two-headed coin.

Should he stay? It is still baffling as to why Torres, so successful at Atletico Madrid and Liverpool, has failed to sparkle in a Chelsea shirt.

The decision to promote left-hander Jeevan Mendis above Mathews and Perrera was baffling as the former played a lot of dot balls that added to the pressure on Dilshan.

Haider Abbas Rizvi on Geo News contacting for his reaction said that it was baffling as to why Imran Khan always holds Altaf Hussain responsible for any wrong happening anywhere in the world.

In 3% of cases baffling about is used

Yet, there is something truly baffling about Boss.

There are three things quite baffling about all of this however.

Where are the family and parents of these hoodlums? Nothing baffling about it at all.

There is something metaphysically baffling about the sheer presence of these painted humans.

But what is known, and what's truly baffling about this particular appendage, is that it ' s the 11th to appear in nearby waters in the past four years.

What is baffling about this the most is that Pardew had nearly 4 years left on the deal he signed when he took over from Chris Hughton in December 2010.

In 3% of cases baffling at is used

Yes Karl I second that Bibi &; Keamar selection is baffling at this time.

Now let's go through those numbers again, because they're a little baffling at first glance.

In addition, the mix of genres and subject matter, though often refreshing, can be baffling at times.

I found the timing of the leaks of Oakes baffling at the time; an objective journalist throwing his considerable weight around to influence the course of history? Thank you again.

In 3% of cases baffling of is used

This question seems the most baffling of all.

But most baffling of all is this: the 4th Doctor falls from a gantry onto some grass and he conks it.

The most baffling of these ideas points the finger of blame at the Glazers, the controversial owners of United.

However, the most baffling of all is the 2005 ceremony in Lagos, celebrated as Warming of late Margaret EkanemTs House.

It is the writer's ' E ' that is the most baffling of all and I think probably shows his confused state of mind at the time.

The most baffling of all for me is Andreena's willingness to allow these total strangers to make a critical life changing decision for her.

Perhaps most baffling of all is the behaviour of the US congress with respect to a half-baked rescue plan that entailed a direct transfer of the taxpayer (i.

In 2% of cases baffling considering is used

The most persistent niggle is the confusion of what exactly Captures are as a band which is baffling considering the lack of originality on show.

The global consciousness culminating in such a direct, unprecedented action was absolutely baffling considering the lack of powerful communication technology available at the time.

In 2% of cases baffling with is used

Pre requisite filming of 20-30 minutes of negotiation and baffling with bull before we walk away.

He is majestic in his composure and tidying up with the ball, and then the next minute baffling with his indecision and madness.

Now with its own pseudo campaign, it's utterly baffling with very little explanation in game of exactly what you're supposed to be doing.

MS doesn't seem to know how to do marketing in the internet age yet, which is baffling with the money they have and the ability to attract talent, but that's the truth.

In 1% of cases baffling by is used

This is more baffling by the fact that I held a TS/SCI for the entire duration of my military career (20+ years).

For most people, these are still abstruse questions, made all the more baffling by the mind-blowing figures involved.

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