Prepositions after "assertive"

"assertive in", "assertive about" or "assertive with"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 40% of cases assertive in is used

We can be assertive in positive ways.

Be assertive in things that you deserve.

Obama to be more assertive in the debates.

We are assertive in our far-reaching operating strategy to expand our global presence.

In this time their character grows stronger and they become more assertive in many ways.

Be Up Front A man likes it when a girl is assertive in what she likes and what she doesn't.

You have to be assertive in this situation and not let the person have so much power over how you spend your time.

An emboldened Orthodox Church has become markedly more assertive in defending what it considers traditional values.

The student youth became more assertive in the early 1980s and especially after the assassination of Aquino in 1983.

The child protection worker's role is both supportive/collaborative and assertive in ensuring that a child is protected.

In 14% of cases assertive with is used

Be firm and assertive with him.

You have to be assertive with your treatment.

I never needed to be assertive with number two.

This is why the women who wrote these letters MUST be assertive with their charges.

I find it difficult to make decisions when it involves being assertive with others.

Muslims are becoming more assertive with their political demands and in their attacks.

It was their toughness that allowed them to score by committee, and kept teams from getting overly assertive with them.

Training simply being assertive with other people in your lifetime, and make certain to utilize great difficulty-solving skills.

Our revolutionary program also helps the shy child to develop self confidence and become more assertive with a new vision in life.

In 12% of cases assertive about is used

But there was nothing assertive about his manner.

Be assertive about what you expect and when you expect it.

Just have to be super assertive about claiming your stage time.

You should always be clear and assertive about your feelings, needs and your goals.

If you fall in this category you will need to be more assertive about your financial security.

I do agree with the blog but I also started being a bit more assertive about my own needs with guys.

If the idea makes your lover uncomfortable, try talking about it with her, but don't be too assertive about it.

Transit agencies need to be more assertive about what is reasonable and feasible to expect out of their service.

Being well prepared will increase your self-confidence and enable you to be assertive about what's important to you.

Do I not describe someone as shy b/c in 1 on 1 settings they can be quite assertive about their boundaries &; needs.

In 5% of cases assertive of is used

Has the game changed? Romney emerged as the more assertive of the two.

Authors and writers are becoming more assertive of what they should be writing.

The above statement is assertive of the fact that the Tipitaka definitely existed before the third council.

These all-encompassing differences in assessment action because cipher is assertive of the algorithm criteria.

Not only that he was un-mindful of the sudden blow on his brother and sister-in-law but he was not even assertive of his own rights either.

Minorities seem likely to become stronger and more assertive of their rights, combining their efforts to press for European-wide recognition.

After the nuclear program and Pakistan increasingly assertive of sovereignity in the 90's the American strategic planners made this top priority.

XXXIX President Obama and his campaign team have been increasingly assertive of late in accusing Mitt Romney of dishonesty, but the president is still cautious in how he makes the charge.

In 5% of cases assertive on is used

Just be very assertive on the appeal.

I'd like to see him be more assertive on the ice.

In recent years it has grown more assertive on the issue.

This year, he may need to be as assertive on offense as he is aggressive on defense.

This year, he, like Craft, will be expected to be more efficient and assertive on offense.

He was a lot more assertive on the pitch than he has been this season, and we want him to do that again.

This team needs him to be more assertive on the offensive end and stop settling for the long jumpers like he has.

China is seen as increasingly assertive on the high seas, with several incidents in the South China Sea in the past year.

Other engineers that I know expressed embarrassment that this gentleman was so publicly assertive on a topic about which he knew nothing.

Palen suggested the United States might be pushed to be more assertive on these issues, and take responsibility for human rights diplomacy.

In 5% of cases assertive without is used

Be assertive without being rude.

Teach her how to be assertive without being aggressive.

State facts, and be assertive without being aggressive.

I'd like those of us on the left to be strongly assertive without being violent.

I can be assertive without being violent, authoritative without being a harrasser.

This one is concerned with the art of being assertive without becoming aggressive.

This is the balance that we're really trying to achieve here -- to be assertive without being aggressive is the key to successful assertiveness.

Mr Hague: It is certainly our approach to be forceful and assertive without being belligerent, and I hope that we will be able to continue with that posture.

When u become assertive without having a first hand knowledge, basically u are, inadvertantly, completing the other half of the circle of unilateral assessment.

Be assertive without being rude, especially if it is a customer! The main types of interruptions you will have to deal with are the telephone and drop in visitors.

In 3% of cases assertive at is used

Stay calm but assertive at all times.

Or you might be assertive at work but not with your family.

How I should have been more assertive at the start of my career.

But of course every employee is assertive at times; it is their job to be.

While being assertive at workplace is important, doing so at home is a no-no.

The other conflict styles can be fluid depending on the situation; for instance, someone may be assertive at work and passive at home.

In 2% of cases assertive as is used

When I say I was rebellious, I mean that I was assertive as a child.

In The Civility Solution, he shows how to respond to others ' negative behavior by being assertive as well as civil.

Romney appeared cautious, especially during the early stages of the debate, but grew more assertive as the evening went on.

I think our generation have pulled their head in and become non assertive as a survival skill -- learnt young (if not at home, at school).

As for the future of the HRA and the ECHR, those of us who believe in the importance of the HRA need to be more assertive as to its importance.

In 2% of cases assertive to is used

The foreign policy too would become more assertive to in view of growing nationalism.

I don't believe that by being assertive to negative people that you're teaching them any sort of lesson.

I've tried being assertive to her and asking her to stop politely and she swears at me and tells me to go away.

Couple that with the typical ways people respond under pressure, on a continuum from aggressive to assertive to passive.

In 1% of cases assertive against is used

He kneels out, assertive against his setting -- and his setting is the White House with a background of all America.

In 1% of cases assertive around is used

I have found I'd assertive around some people then passive around others.

In 1% of cases assertive by is used

You've just been very professional and assertive by calling them first, then sending resume.

I think it was my last attempt of saying to him that I can be less assertive by showing him that I won't contact him for a month.

Be assertive by learning how to say ' no when it is appropriate and setting clear boundaries so that everyone knows where they stand.

In 1% of cases assertive for is used

India too felt that Sri Lanka was becoming too assertive for its liking.

It shows that it will pay Amy to be assertive for a while -- well, ' assertive ' is my word, the article uses ' bossy ' for interest's sake.

Put your self in the other persons ' shoes - Most people are afraid to be assertive for fear of failure or coming on too strong; they often lack self confidence.

In 1% of cases assertive over is used

When it happens, we must be vigilant and assertive over our territorial rights.

On the field, I gradually realised I needed to be more assertive over field setting.

In 1% of cases assertive rather is used

In these cases, I think it's critical to be assertive rather than confrontational.

Perhaps she is following Peggy's lead and being assertive rather than passive aggressive.

For instance, people say you should be assertive rather than aggressive, as if assertiveness is the only way.

To be assertive rather than passive (under point one) to stop running away and face the music (under point two) and I bet he is catastrophising too.

The person's goal in anger management counselling is to perform effectively by expressing one's views in an assertive rather than an aggressive manner.

In natural horsemanship, we learn to think like a horse, to prove that we are not going to act like a predator, and to be assertive rather than aggressive.

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