Prepositions after "anxious"

"anxious about" or "anxious for"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 58% of cases anxious about is used

So I would get anxious about it.

Now I am a bit anxious about it.

Anxious about what may lie ahead.

Started feeling pretty nervous / anxious about the whole thing almost immediately.

You are almost certainly going to feel very uncertain and anxious about the future.

And those options were unknown for her, so those made her anxious about the future.

We do get anxious about losing our connection with each other and we endeavor to fix quickly whatever goes awry.

As it stands, residents are anxious about the LRT, doubtful such a massive project will proceed without a hitch.

But, again, if people are anxious, I say,? Tell me what view you? re anxious about and let? s have a discussion.

It's as if he has been anxious about something, maybe her, maybe the question of whether he would see her again.

In 17% of cases anxious for is used

I am so anxious for her to win.

Nobody I know is anxious for war.

I'd getting so anxious for this cycle.

Let's assume the readers actually liked Wolfowitz and weren't anxious for him to go.

The ghetto hustler is forever frustrated, restless, and anxious for some ' action '.

I noticed that Chris seemed more anxious for a while, and then the anxiety subsided.

Neither they, nor other sections of the community, were anxious for attention to be drawn to the colony's origins.

For those of you anxious for an Android update, you'll have to wait a bit longer for the new Android Jelly Bean 4.

They seem awfully anxious for me to get everything done quickly so when I got the go-ahead on e-QIP, I didn't wait.

For, being aware that the end of his life was approaching, he was anxious for something to rely on for his salvation.

In 4% of cases anxious in is used

He was anxious in the changing room.

You might be shy, or even anxious in crowds.

I think Vettel was a bit anxious in Germany.

That's where Jonas will get his fouls; if he's too anxious in the post with his hands.

I was frightened and anxious in turns while things seemed to take a turn for the worst.

DS became anxious in the water after an episode of anaphylactic shock the spring he was five.

Coming up to the finish line, Galway Races 2003: spectators would have looked just as anxious in 1911 (http: //www.

But the most sleep disruption occurred in people, especially ladies, who were highly anxious in their relationship.

We feel anxious in yellow environment, easy and relaxed in blue, peaceful with green, passionate with red and so on.

Most often than not, these cases would make a patient anxious in being aroused because he has been stressing about it.

In 3% of cases anxious at is used

Excited and anxious at the same time.

He was angry and anxious at the same time.

I was quite anxious at this point to be honest.

The trainee appears a little anxious at how to proceed after taking basic information.

This is actually my first time in Asia, so I'd a bit excited an anxious at the same time.

Thanks again, David My first marathon to, really excited now, but a bit anxious at times.

But still, runners being that which they are, I can't help feeling a bit anxious at missing that piece of 20-miler.

Wengerlooked extremely anxious at the end of the last season when Arsenal were in danger of missing on the CL spot.

It is understandable that Sudanese of northern origin who live here in southern Sudan should feel anxious at this time.

As they motor down the long drive towards the house the narrator feels anxious at the prospect of what the future holds.

In 2% of cases anxious as is used

Its easy to see why Beverly was so anxious as a child.

This will help you feel less anxious as the surgery approaches.

I found myself becoming more and more anxious as the days went by.

I began to get anxious as the sun was going down when we finally made it to Hammamet.

However, her motivation decreased and she became more anxious as the class proceeded.

This was my first marathon and I was very anxious as to whether I could manage to run all of the 26.

Superstars will also gain anxious as well as bored, for the way several films the gamer places these people within.

Some patients are likely to be anxious as part of their illness, and this situation could exacerbate their condition.

Accordingly, the people sighted the new moon after the Maghrib prayer and became anxious as to what would happen then.

As one witness said, the dancers seemed anxious as to when the next disruption would occur and never gained their rhythm.

In 2% of cases anxious over is used

I ask him if he is anxious over the outcome.

Being anxious over anything is NEVER productive.

Jamaican residents were anxious over the slow rate of mail delivery.

He is anxious over you; for the believers (he is) full of pity, kind, and merciful.

Getting anxious over everything It's OK if your baby is spitting, vomiting or crying.

Still anxious over the bus company, I thought my bag was gone too, thankfully it was not.

Turns out it was just some kind of fatty lump but I know how you feel because I was so upset and anxious over it.

So kids are killing themselves because they are so stressed, so anxious over whether they will do well in year 12.

I feel with this type of communications you would find the veterans would be less anxious over the process and out comes.

It's in turn made my mum now feel anxious over signing the new contract too, which means she's decided not to follow through.

In 2% of cases anxious to is used

Some people are anxious to a fault.

Just arrived and anxious to stock up on food.

Martin: Yes, I heard that and I'd anxious to.

You're very anxious to to see Dolly comfortably at length made answer looking at her askew.

I use it to change my moods; from stressed to carefree, depressed to happy, anxious to hopeful.

We have people in the Six Counties who are not anxious to united with us and become part of a united Ireland.

Hargraves had just found grains of gold in Summer Hill Creek and was anxious to prospect for more in the Orange area.

Artana native believes the Sub Marine is only having a bad streak and that the locker room is anxious to proof its skills.

By means of presents and penitential confession all injurers were anxious to part on good terms with the dying whom they had ill-used.

The Government is anxious to bed down the policies now so that the early part of 2013 will be given over to a period of consolidation.

In 1% of cases anxious after is used

He felt less anxious after that.

You may feel very anxious after treatment.

John Sharry: ' My son is anxious after being attacked.

I just got more angry and anxious after wasting all that money.

You must be so anxious after losing a baby, I can understand that totally.

My mother and I became very anxious after this phone call unlike my father.

Victory also boosts mood: People report feeling happier and less anxious after a win, research has shown.

Locals, apparently angry and anxious after the lions had killed a number of domestic goats, speared them to death.

I wasn't going to, but got anxious after all the reports on Friday of GameStop/Best Buy/Target already being sold out.

The mare will be anxious after the foal is born and free choice good quality hay will go a long way towards relaxing her.

In 1% of cases anxious around is used

He was anxious around the smell of beer.

I love that time, and often get anxious around others.

Between 7 and 11 months, healthy youngsters will often feel anxious around unfamiliar faces.

She feels especially anxious around family members and people who live in her apartment building.

I felt like the odd one out and different to others and got very anxious around people, even my close friends.

My girlfriend broke up with me about a month ago sighting that she always feels anxious around me and can not be herself.

She may become clingy and anxious around new (and even familiar) people and may cry if a stranger suddenly approaches her.

In the event that he fiddles with his stuff like his / her phone or his shirt, then it can mean that he's anxious around you.

Point out the things that have changed between then and now- she's more anxious around food, etc, AND that her weight is lower.

In 1% of cases anxious before is used

Many people find that they get very anxious before their appointments.

I remember being so anxious before our first look photo that I was ready to bawl.

Hundreds of really successful people feel fearful and anxious before giving a presentation.

Because people are often very anxious before the talk has begun, they may feel they've already let themselves down.

For example, if you become more anxious before performing in a concert then a betablocker may help to ease ' the shakes '.

You may have felt quite anxious before your operation, and the feeling of letting go and relaxing afterwards can leave you very tired.

Stats I used to get anxious before every race I ran, but trust me, it gets easier and easier! Thank goodness you have your husband there to kick your butt into gear.

Today, that same worker told his wife that social services is now pressing the court to suspend both visitation rights because the kids are anxious before and after their visits.

For example, if you have social phobia, early in the course of therapy you may be asked to keep a diary of your thoughts which occur when you become anxious before a social event.

In 1% of cases anxious by is used

Usually, you get anxious by rumours about what might happen.

There are many dogs that are anxious by nature, and shake often.

Number one: I was overwhelmed and anxious by the conflicting voices.

I'd anxious by nature anyway and every beep just works me into a bigger know of stress.

Some women are very anxious by nature and find being pregnant and the thought of giving birth very stressful.

The Master let her be called specially, and then she appeared before him, ashamed and anxious by her demeanor.

Have just one person talking to them, so they do not get confused and even more anxious by having to keep repeating things.

Men and women who are anxious by nature and worry a lot, experience more than their share of depressed feelings because of this.

Leah's first visit to the dentist required weeks of preparation, because autistic people are made deeply anxious by any change in routine.

I find many of my students feel overwhelmed and anxious by all the options, and need a few strategies so they don't end up leaving empty-handed.

In 1% of cases anxious during is used

You may feel very anxious during this time.

I never got angry or anxious during the game.

Murray was anxious during his warmup in Arthur Ashe Stadium.

Although I was anxious during our first phone call, Than Geoff was relaxed and friendly.

So naturally, I was very anxious during the past 7 months to see what all the fuss was about.

Ameer Sahib UK and the other organisers were extremely anxious during the Jalsa and it is hoped that they will plan better in the future.

How can I cope when I am pregnant? If you know that you have an abnormally shaped uterus, you may feel very anxious during your pregnancy.

It is normal to feel anxious during this time of year and this anxiety may be worse for people who were affected by the early 2009 bushfires.

I was very anxious during that time that my place would be offered to someone else, so rang up a couple of times to check my place was still being held for me (it was!!).

In 1% of cases anxious of is used

II) They are anxious of strangers.

But I would certainly even be stressed, anxious of the unknown.

Her unambitious nature only made one wonder and anxious of her future.

This is something I should take as a reminder, most of the time I'd anxious of my goals.

I have to be honest that I'd anxious of the prospect of getting an interview for the job.

I'd not exactly ashamed of my depression, but more anxious of what other people will say.

When I have work that I can't finish on time, I don't stress myself by feeling anxious of not able to exercise today.

We are less anxious of the likelihoods of unpleasant events: cancer, burglary, internet fraud, missing a flight, divorce.

We should not think of him as constantly keeping his accounts, anxious of how his system will look in the history of philosophy.

Proportions of participants were very/extremely anxious of having a tooth drilled (48% ), local anaesthetic injection (53%) and extraction (52%).

In 1% of cases anxious on is used

I beg you not to be anxious on my account.

As a result, I get super anxious on planes.

The Natives themselves are most anxious on this point.

Like all Londoners, I was pretty anxious on Monday as I cycled through Hackney at 10pm.

If you ask, why he is anxious on that head, he will answer, because he desires to get money.

Nearly half (48%) of participants were very anxious on anticipation of ' having a tooth drilled '.

Also by this age your daughter may feel more confident in handling her baby and will be less anxious on the flight.

I wonder what they are thinking? Often, at the end of the trip, they tell me that they were anxious on the first day or two.

Bolton never really looked like equalising, the home fans remained anxious on what was a bitterly cold afternoon in Norfolk.

So, I was feeling anxious on this particular morning as I agonized over an outfit, picked something stupid, and got in my car.

In 1% of cases anxious with is used

I'd still very anxious with it.

We were anxious with the results.

I was still very anxious with my hair.

These kids went from loud, playful, joyful to giddy, nervous and anxious with anticipation.

I was too anxious with the challenge during the launch event that I ripped through my sticker lol.

It is perfectly natural to feel a bit anxious with all of these bodily changes and the upcoming labor.

Many young men, family and friends will be anxious with the forthcoming selections that will follow the Monday through Wednesday event.

Fanny beckoned her mother out of the room, and told her something that made her equally anxious with Margaret for the departure of the latter.

Should I continue with the blog? It's going to take a while before it fulfills the expectations of what I want it to be, and I'd very anxious with its results.

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