Prepositions after "affected"

affected by, in, of, with or through?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 71% of cases affected by is used

The Duke was very affected by her death.

Now I'd very affected by her--I'd interested.

TIM Brasil is the most affected by Anatel's action.

I'd feeling very affected by the destruction that the hurricane caused on our coast.

People who have been uncovered to asbestos have chances of affected by Mesothelioma.

Marine conservation has also been affected by overpopulation resulting to overfishing.

I too have had extremely close members of my family affected by breast cancer in the same way you have been affected.

Her performance was also affected by a constant sense of fear she felt in class, a fear which remains with her today.

The local community in producing regions must have the major share as they are the most affected by mining operations.

In 10% of cases affected in is used

Girls are the most affected in this.

The child will be the most affected in this.

And we plan to help the affected in various ways.

She instructed the district authorities to extend all help to the affected in the violence.

The Universities affected include Kenyatta University, JKUAT, Egerton and some other Universities.

Persons can also be adversely affected in an environmental sense (ie, indirectly by the proposed activity).

Case law has shown that an affected person is one who is ' affected in a manner different from the public generally '.

In times of natural calamities, every citizen feels the pain and strives to assist the affected in whatever way they can.

Of course we were not the only Country affected by this phenomenon BUT we were perhaps the most affected in percentage terms.

Someone sold this person the idea that Tamils are the most affected in this country and they need the most help from foriegn donations.

In 6% of cases affected of is used

India and China are the most affected of Swiss policy.

Kokrajhar and Chirang are the most affected of this communal violence.

Although these flu like most of the affected of common viral infections, areas likely to harbor.

Without reaching out to the combatants, the most affected of the community, the potential for conflict will loom.

The most affected of the devices for malwares are mobile especially the android devices who are the most affected.

Even now plans are underway to distribute the land of the affected of the tsunami (coastal belt) as tourism development.

Insecurity Young people are the most affected of this insecurity, also they are the same people who are perpetrating this ungodly act.

The youth who happen to be the most affected of the current unemployment rate, also happen to be the group of voters John Mahama says he is representing.

The architectureers of **29;9175;TOOLONG will advice chumps do the waperture workning, from arch to toe to accord you the a lot of affected of the reacclaimations.

The indirect affected of the global financial crises also felt on the market and investor confidence in Pakistan as the banking system and financial market became under pressure.

In 4% of cases affected with is used

I am one of the affected with this Alcohol Abuse.

You will be the most affected with whatever you will decide to do.

Mwanza residents would be the most affected with a 50-kg bag selling at Sh 15,900.

Being one of the most affected with HIV/AIDS the president must discuss the trend of the pandemic and how to solve the problem one would guess.

On this basis heavily populated nations like China, Japan, the United States and Italy would be the most affected with millions of deaths in each country.

These three people what do they have in common? No ambition in life apart from defending status quo hata when their kins are the most affected with drought.

While Mumbai was the most affected with more than 10 KFA flights being cancelled on Monday, Bangalore and Chennai saw five and two cancellations respectively.

Extract from the discussion **27;1282;TOOLONG In comparison with other European countries, France has been the most affected with 13 957 cases reported between January and August 2011 9.

In 1% of cases affected according is used

Tavira is the most affected according to the report, with three of its nine Juntas de Freguesia selected for closure.

In 1% of cases affected at is used

He carries on his life with dignity and is ready to help the affected at any time.

The FANC report said the core lower shell ring was the most affected at Doel-3 with a total of 7,776 crack indications, with 931 in the core upper shell.

In 1% of cases affected during is used

He added that since women and children are the most affected during conflicts, they need the necessary support to be able to stand up for their rights.

In 1% of cases affected for is used

We have been affected -- our export sector has been very affected for some time now -- but our domestic demand has held up very well.

In 1% of cases affected from is used

The right side of my body seems to be the most affected from this.

Because poor will be the most affected from this global food inflationary spear.

In 1% of cases affected through is used

The fact always remains that is it the girl who is finally the most affected through pregnancies but also emotionally.

Dry rations and cooked food are being distributed amongst the affected through the District Disaster Management Units.

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