Prepositions after "admissible"

admissible in, to, under, for or as?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 47% of cases admissible in is used

But it's not admissible in court.

Such tests, however, are not admissible in court.

Remaining will be admissible in 3rd or 4th quarters.

In addition, the laws should be updated to make electronic data admissible in court.

But a blood test (not admissible in a California Court at the time) proved otherwise.

Any evidence obtained from evidence preservation efforts should be admissible in the subsequent court proceeding.

A tribunal can use any information available to it, even if it would not normally be admissible in a court of law.

The prosecution also disputes that the birth certificate is admissible in its present form without calling proper.

Any statement given freely and voluntarily without any compelling influences is, of course, admissible in evidence.

In 13% of cases admissible to is used

Three, you must be admissible to the United States.

DNA, evidences are not admissible to the syariah court.

Government Officer of the State is also admissible to a Member.

Whether two qualification grants admissible to him for these two qualifications? No.

At the port-of-entry, the officer will first decide if the person is admissible to Canada.

Be medically and criminally admissible to Canada under their immigration and refugee protection act.

You would also not be admissible to the United States, and could be put on the next flight back to the Philippines.

Is transportation allowance admissible to officer on their posting to IMTRAT, Project Dantak Bhutan, UN Missions? No.

Please select an alternate choice that interests you in the event that you are not directly admissible to Communication.

In 11% of cases admissible under is used

Be otherwise admissible under U.

Most of us believe abortion is admissible under certain conditions.

Various kinds of evaluative reports are admissible under federal statutes: 7 U.

To sanction TA and DA to Bureau and committee members as admissible under the regulations.

As a result, evidence of a former co-accused in an earlier trial may be admissible under s.

The Government contends that this evidence is admissible under the applicable Rules of Evidence and relevant caselaw.

Evidence that on a previous occasion she had similarly tried to blackmail him would be admissible under this exception.

In 10% of cases admissible for is used

But CEA is not admissible for Pre-school/playschool.

It is admissible for the dictionary to contain similar words.

Additional relaxation of (a) 5 years for PH candidates is admissible for posts at Sr.

No Traveling Allowance will be admissible for attending written test at the respective centres.

The evidence was held admissible for the purpose of identifying the plaintiff as the target of the libel.

Enhanced family pension admissible for seven years or up to age of 67 for those age of superannuation is 60 years.

Nor does the amendment prevent an expert from relying on information that is inadmissible for substantive purposes.

This facility is, however, not admissible for the import of goods which are directly shipped from the ACU member countries.

However, it is considered that statements on affidavit should only be admissible for this reason when made from personal knowledge.

In 3% of cases admissible as is used

Their narrations are not admissible as proof to substantiate any claim.

In civil cases, an offer of compromise by the accused is admissible as an implied admission of guilt.

Fingerprint evidence is admissible as long as it is not oppressively obtained: Carr 1972 1 NSWLR 608.

Secondly, records may be admissible as admissions if they are adverse to the case of the party making them.

Her out-of-court statements, whenever made, would be admissible as if they had been made by any other person.

An out-of-court statement should be admissible as evidence of the facts therein when no objection is made to its admission.

Personality conflicts An unhealthy work atmosphere caused by personality conflicts is not admissible as a psychological injury.

If such a statement is admissible as evidence of the facts stated therein there should be no restrictions on how a witness may be questioned about it.

Under the present law, an out-of-court statement of a child, like that of any other person, is generally inadmissible as evidence of the facts asserted.

In 3% of cases admissible at is used

These observations would be admissible at trial to prove impairment: R.

At one of those hearings, Gaughan said the new testimony would be admissible at trial, sources said.

The evidence presented at the Judicial Settlement Conference was not admissible at the subsequent proceedings.

It is considered that an out-of-court statement of any party adverse to another's case should not be admissible at all unless the maker testifies.

The accused appealed against a pre-trial ruling that certain evidence relating to the importation on 8 January was admissible at his pending trial.

We think it necessary in passing to refer to the misconception that anything which a witness may have stated in a first information is per se admissible at a trial.

SIAC had to answer two questions, set out at paragraph 54: i) Irrespective of the means by which they were obtained, are the impugned statements now admissible at all under Article 148.

Under the English Civil Evidence Act 1968 previous statements of a witness are generally only admissible at the conclusion of his examination-in-chief and then only with the leave of the court.

The High Court addressed this issue in Papakosmas v The Queen, 99 emphasising that the mere fact that evidence would not have been admissible at common law does not of itself create unfair prejudice.

In 3% of cases admissible on is used

Admissibility Declared admissible on 8 June 2010.

The court firstly decides if the case is admissible on the merits.

He also thought: such evidence was not admissible on the charge of July 6.

Why? Travelling charges for travelling within city limits are not admissible on LTC.

Qualification Grant will be admissible only for the course for which study leave was granted.

In fact, time-bar aspect is having an overriding effect even if the refund is admissible on merit.

The balance in the account will continue to earn interest at normal rate as admissible on PPF account till the account is closed.

If that fails, it may be possible to argue that the questioning and evidence should nevertheless be admissible on the principle established in R v.

The only point for our present determination is, whether that evidence was legally admissible on the ground that the facts disclosed in it were relevant to the subsequent charges.

Both of these explanations are admissible on grammatical grounds; for such passages as Genesis 15:14 and Joel 3:4 show very clearly that the participle is also used for the future.

In 2% of cases admissible against is used

Hearsay evidence is admissible against the applicant.

The evidence found by Transport Canada during its inspection was therefore admissible against the pilot.

Is this confession admissible against A? Give your answer referring to the relevant provision of the Evidence Act.

If the information is non-confessional, it is admissible against the accused as an admission U/S 18/21 of the Indian Evidence Act and is relevant.

In Ireland maps made by a predecessor of a landlord have been held admissible against a person claiming under a lease subsequently executed by him.

Exception: When a person joins a conspiracy after its formation, he thereby adopts the previous acts of the conspirators which are admissible against him.

Descriptions of past events for example are not made in furtherance of the common design and are therefore not admissible against anyone other than the maker.

In 2% of cases admissible by is used

His complaint was deemed admissible by the Garda Ombudsman.

Of course, later registers kept pursuant to statute are admissible by virtue of those statutes.

Livermore edits, because they hold more advanced social ideas than are considered admissible by the clique of which she is chief.

The rule provides that evidence obtained through a violation of the Fourth Amendment is generally not admissible by the prosecution during the defendant's criminal trial.

The application was declared admissible by the European Court but the applicant was subsequently released from detention and reached a friendly settlement with the state.

These tribunals were set up to judge foreigners suspected of terrorism, and no proof which could invalidate such charges is admissible by either civil or military tribunals.

Supreme Court has determined that evidence obtained in violation of the Fourth Amendment is generally not admissible by the prosecution during the defendant's criminal trial.

Out-of-court statements admissible by virtue of specific statutory provisions such as the Bankers ' Books Evidence Acts 1879 and 1959 should not be affected by the proposed legislation.

Learned treatises are generally admissible by virtue of rule 803(18) and judgments of previous convictions are evidence of any fact essential to sustain the judgment under rule 803(22).

In 1% of cases admissible during is used

Is the Transport Allowance admissible during study leave? No Q.

Is Para Allowance admissible during Course of Instruction? Yes, it is admissible during Course of Instruction.

In 1% of cases admissible with is used

Is flying allowance admissible with Siachen Allowance? No.

Then the record should be admissible without requiring such testimony.

Transport allowance is admissible within Indian geographic limits as per classification of city.

Instead of a mandatory rule of exclusion we therefore propose that such statements only be admissible with the leave of the court.

In 1% of cases admissible without is used

Then the record should be admissible without requiring such testimony.

S2 and S4 are admissible without proof of due execution and authentication.

The Evidence Act, 1967 needs to be amended to make such evidence admissible without ambiguity.

It seems clear therefore that S 4 is admissible without proof of its due execution and authentication.

Clearly under section 85 of the evidence ordinance S2 is admissible without proof of due execution and authentication.

Statements made by persons authorized to make and keep registers in the course of their duties become a part of the register and such statements are admissible without proof.

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