Content creation best practices

August 2, 2018 Writing

How to Attract First Readers: 4 Rules to Follow

Creating a truly interesting article is not easy at all. However, it’s not rocket science, as you can greatly increase the chances of success by following a few rules.

6 min read

August 2, 2018 Writing

How to Write Killer Professional Content

Here, we share with you some tips on starting up and perfecting corporate content, be it a blog post or professional column for a media outlet.

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August 1, 2018 Writing

How Long Should Your Content Be

We decided to thoroughly study preferences among readers of well-known media outlets that cover Tech and Startups topics. Collected data should help companies dealing with content marketing in planning their business activity. Our math We looked into 500 articles published by the following resources: TechCrunch — high-profile tech blog on technology and start-ups; VentureBeat — […]

4 min read

August 1, 2018 Writing

How to Decide What to Write About

Each and every day thousands of co’s around the world set up their corporate blogs but most of them fail to deliver useful and interesting content. Those who succeed usually tell real-life stories instead of posting the same old press releases and advertising their products. Hustling for attention is hard and doing it for your […]

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July 30, 2018 Writing

Writing Clickable Headlines: 3 Legit Ways

A headline is the first thing that the reader sees and it is what determines whether your audience wants to continue reading or move on to a more “interesting” story. Thus, a headline should be catchy, attractive and informative. There are three rules to writing such titles.

3 min read