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“Forget about Grammarly, that's nothing compared to this”
WhyUse Linguix
AI-based writing assistant
AI-based writing

Create great emails, articles, and social media posts with an AI-based writing assistant that edits as you type.

personalized language learning
personalized language

Write and learn from your own repetitive mistakes by taking personalized and gamified language trainings.

repetitive typing Automation
repetitive typing

Automate everyday typing tasks with shortcuts. Expand longer texts with one-word shortcuts and save tons of time!

WhatYou Get?
  • Write on millions of websites
    Write on millions
    of websites
    Create emails, write for work, connect on social media.
  • Learn From Own Mistakes
    Learn From
    Own Mistakes
    Access personalized language trainings based on your mistakes. Learn topics you use every day, not the whole grammar book!
  • Type Faster, Save Time
    Type Faster,
    Save Time
    Content shortcuts for multiple writing tasks improve consistency and help you get things done faster.
  • Always Sound Native
    Always Sound
    With our new paraphrasing engine, you can get suggestions on making your writing clear, compelling, and native.
WhyCustomers Love Linguix
Christopher J.

“[Linguix is] the Grammarly destroyer you've been waiting for. Linguix brings everything to the table that it's competitor does, plus some amazing features. The UI is definitely preferable and very clean.”

Christopher J.
CEO at Owl SEM
Jane I

Great tool for grammar checking and writing skill improvement. I type, get my fixes, and then Linguix offers me tailored language training. This is just amazing!

Jane I.
Mike Lester Rosales

What I like best about Linguix is that it is available in different devices, web browsers and compatible with all operating systems. They even have a bunch of professionally made TEMPLATES for Emails, Social Media, Essays, CV, Personal, and Business.

Mike Lester Rosales
Chris Acebu

Linguix is easy to use and comes with some really nice features — I especially love the documents feature and the shortcuts feature.

Chris Acebu
at AppSumo
David Hooper

A great alternative to Grammarly. The team has been great and is doing good work on it.

David Hooper
at Chrome Web Store
Jason August

Linguix has already made a difference in my business communication.

Jason August
at AppSumo
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